What is Fresh Cheese? – All you Need to Know.

What is Fresh Cheese? – All you Need to Know.

There are a variety of different styles of cheese, each one giving us a different texture and wide flavour profile. In this article, we look at what is fresh cheese and what are the different types.

What is Fresh Cheese?

Fresh cheese is the youngest of all the different cheese styles and made with fresh curds. It has not been aged or pressed. Fresh cheese does not have a rind and is normally soaked in brine, and stored in containers. It comes in a variety of different styles, from spreadable (for example, Cream cheese) to crumbly (Feta) even stretching to creamy and soft.

Cream Cheese:

Cream cheese (brands such as Philadelphia) have a high-fat content (minimum 35%), however are also tangy in flavour, due to the lactic acid bacteria. It is the basis for key desserts such as cheesecake.

Cottage Cheese:

Cottage cheese is milk proteins turned to curds and separated from the whey. This ensures that it is very rich and creamy. The curds are then washed to remove any remaining acids, ensuring a mild and slightly sweet flavour. Cottage cheese is made from skimmed milk, with a very small amount of cream added at the end.


Coming from the Italian word to translate to ‘recooked’, Ricotta is made over from the leftover whey when producing other styles of cheese. It is heated with a small amount of acid added during cooking. Ricotta has a slightly grainy texture and is considered a ‘healthy’ alternative to cheese due to its very low-fat contents.

what is fresh cheese
Ricotta translates to ‘recooked’ in English.


Feta is traditionally made with a combination of sheep and goats milk. The flavour is tangy and salty, enhanced not only by the kinds of milk but also the fact the curds are usually brined. The word ‘Feta’ translates to mean ‘slice’ in Greek, however, this cheese is normally crumbled over salads.


A cheese made with curds, whey and rennet, the curds are heated and stretched, which allows the cheese to become stringy, and still packed with flavour once heated. In Italy, mozzarella is made with buffalo milk, ensuring it has a rich, creamy and salty flavour. Mozzarella is used mainly in cooking with pizza and pasta.

Fresh Goats Cheese (Chevre):

Chevre is the process of making artisanal French goat cheese. The dense curds are separated from the watery whey and then coated in brine.

Goats’ chevre is very creamy, very light, yet tangy and citrus-like in flavour. As it is so fresh, use the best quality milk to ensure high-quality flavour and overall better cheese.


Fresh cheese is great for people who suffer from lactose intolerance, as the cheeses have not been aged and therefore contain very low levels of lactose. This means everyone can enjoy fresh cheese!