What is Burrata Cheese? – Everything you Need to Know

What is Burrata Cheese? – Everything you Need to Know

Burrata may be one of the lesser-known cheeses in the cheese world- however, this makes it an undiscovered gem! It is a perfect light, fresh cheese, great in recipes or to eat on its own. In this article, we look at what is burrata cheese, how it is made and how best to enjoy it.

What is Burrata Cheese?

Burrata translates to mean buttery in Italian and is a fresh cheese made with either cow or buffalo milk, in Southern Italy. It has contrasting textures of smooth, creamy centre and buttery outer layer. It has a very mild, light and fresh flavour. Such flavours are created when the cattle graze on lush pastures situated between the coast and the mainland. This can also add a lightly salted flavour to the cheese.

How to Eat Burrata:

Burrata is great to add to a variety of cold and hot dishes, as well as to be eaten on its own. Best served at room temperature, it is great in salads or a dessert, for example with baked berries and figs. Alternatively, enjoy Burrata in traditional Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta. Burrata can also be a great substitute for mozzarella if needed
Ideally, enjoy fresh burrata within 24 hours of being produced, as it is fresh and not aged or matured.

What is burrata cheese-everything you need to know
Burrata is a great additional ingredient to salads with tomato.

How to Make Burrata:

Burrata was first created in the 1920s to minimise food waste left from the production of other cheese.

Burrata is produced with cows or buffalo milk. Rennet is used to curdle the milk via heating in large vats. Once the curds have formed, they are placed in hot whey (a technique not widely used in cheesemaking). This helps to form a paste.

The cheese is then woven, pulled and shaped by the experienced and gentle hand of the workers until it is the perfect texture. This method takes a lot of skill and has been practised for many years.

Once the cheese is at the perfect texture and shape, it is formed into a pouch, where rich cream and even mozzarella may be added. This allows the cheese to release its rich, however not overpowering flavour.