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why pair cheese and wine together

Cheese and wine is one of the most well-known food pairings. What is the reason for this and why is it so popular? In this article, we take a look as to the reason why we pair cheese and wine together, and what makes this combination so good. Why do We Pair Cheese and Wine Together? Historically, for hundreds of years, cheese and wine from the same locations were paired together. This is because they were produced on the same farm or the local village, and exporting/ importing products was not common practice. Therefore, people ate and matched products that were available to them.Cheese and wine from the same areas were subject to the same ingredients, for example, minerals in the soil or the amount of rainfall produced.As a result, this has led to the saying “What grows together, goes together”. A useful phrase for when cheesemongers or sommeliers are…

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cheese with purple rind

Everyone loves to try something different, and cheese that is an unusual colour is no exception. In this article, we take a look at four popular kinds of cheese that have a purple rind.  How does Cheese get a Purple Rind? Cheeses that have a purple rind are often semi-hard or hard cheeses. This means that they have matured for a longer time, usually a minimum of 6 months. The majority of purple cheeses have been washed or soaked in wine, which creates a deep colour and well as enhancing the flavour. Everyone loves a cheese and wine pairing, but what if you could combine it into one with wine-soaked cheese? Wine soaked cheeses came about during the times when there were high tax penalties on cheese and wine products. To avoid paying a lot of tax on their products, cheesemakers would hide the cheese inside the wine barrels. Then…

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