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what cheese to use for fondue

Fondue is a classic cheese dish very well known across the world and also very popular. There are a variety of different cheeses that can be used and combined to make the perfect fondue. In this article, we look at the history of fondue, as well as what cheese to use for fondue.  What Cheese to Use for Fondue? Fondue is a recipe that originates from Switzerland. Therefore, using Swiss cheese for your fondue will give you the best replica of flavours. The cheese used in fondue is ideally semi-hard, and a good melting cheese. The best Swiss cheese to use in your fondue include: Comte, Emmental, Gruyere and Appenzeller.  Tip: Remove ALL cheese rinds from all cheeses. Semi-hard cheeses have natural rinds and do not have the best flavour or texture. Also, cutting the cheese into small squares will ensure the cheese melts quickly. Comte: Comte is a Swiss…

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