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cheese and tuna

Seafood and cheese in general may seem like a strange combination. However, many of our articles have proved otherwise, suggesting that cheese can be a great pairing to fish types such as salmon and prawns. However, does cheese and tuna go together? In this article, we look at the best cheeses to pair with tuna. Can you Pair Cheese and Tuna Together? Cheese and tuna are commonly paired together in sandwiches and toasties. Therefore, this means a creamy cheese or a cheese with good melting properties is required. It is key to not choose a cheese that is too rich that would ultimately overpower the flavour of the tuna. The cheese should be used to add and enhance the flavour and add to the texture. Top 4 Cheeses to Pair with Tuna are: -Mozzarella -Cheddar -Comte or Gruyere -Fresh cheese (cream cheese or cottage cheese) Classic Cheese to Pair with…

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what cheese can i eat when pregnant

All cheese is made in various ways, as well as certain bacterias and moulds present to help it taste a certain way and develop a particular texture. In this article, we look at what cheese can you eat when pregnant? What Cheese can I Eat when Pregnant? It is recommended for pregnant women to eat pasteurised cheese only. This is because some unpasteurised cheese MAY contain harmful bacteria and microorganisms such as E-coli, salmonella or Listeria. Examples of pasteurised cheese include cheddar, manchego, gouda and variations of parmesan. Also, some Swiss cheese may be pasteurised, such as Emmental or Gruyere.  What is Pasteurised Cheese? Pasteurised cheese occurs at the early stages of the cheese-making process. It involves heating the milk to 70℃, and then rapidly cooling it. This helps to remove the harmful bacteria in the milk before it is turned into cheese.  What is Listeria? Listeria is a form…

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what cheese does subway use?

Subway is a popular fast food store located all around the world. Their cheese products help to make the perfect sandwich and bring it all together. In this article, we look at what cheese does Subway use, as well as some great substitutes you can use at home. What Cheese does Subway use? Subway uses a variety of different cheese types for their sandwiches, depending on what is available to them in the particular country. Subway cheese is mass-produced for them by their suppliers. Top 4 cheeses used at Subway are: Process Cheddar Swiss Cheese Mozzarella Feta Processed cheddar is the default cheese at Subway. These are cheese slices, normally approximately 60% cheese and 40% other ingredients. Alternatively, the cheese slices may be a version of Swiss cheese, identified by the holes throughout the slices. Subway may also use mozzarella. This will be pre-shredded and therefore a mass-produced cheese, rather…

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