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what cheese does subway use?

Subway is a popular fast food store located all around the world. Their cheese products help to make the perfect sandwich and bring it all together. In this article, we look at what cheese does Subway use, as well as some great substitutes you can use at home. What Cheese does Subway use? Subway uses a variety of different cheese types for their sandwiches, depending on what is available to them in the particular country. Subway cheese is mass-produced for them by their suppliers. Top 4 cheeses used at Subway are: Process Cheddar Swiss Cheese Mozzarella Feta Processed cheddar is the default cheese at Subway. These are cheese slices, normally approximately 60% cheese and 40% other ingredients. Alternatively, the cheese slices may be a version of Swiss cheese, identified by the holes throughout the slices. Subway may also use mozzarella. This will be pre-shredded and therefore a mass-produced cheese, rather…

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