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what is bellavitano cheese

We all like to discover something new, and new and interesting cheeses are no exception.Continue reading for a walkthrough on one of the worlds popular cheeses, and also find out just what is BellaVitano cheese. What is BellaVitano Cheese? BellaVitano cheese is a range of cheeses created by the Sartori family. This American company is based in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Also, the BellaVitano cheeses are inspired by UK and Italian farmstead cheeses, creating a beautiful cheddar and parmesan hybrid style. Flavours are buttery, creamy, as well as fruity and nutty. What Makes BellaVitano so Unique? Sartori is known for creating cheese that have different flavoured rinds. These interesting flavours create a very different flavour experience as well as allowing you to try something new, that you would not ordinarily try.BellaVitano Gold is the original BellaVitano cheese. This is the classic cheese wheel forming the basis for all their other flavours. BellaVitano…

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