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cheese with purple rind

Everyone loves to try something different, and cheese that is an unusual colour is no exception. In this article, we take a look at four popular kinds of cheese that have a purple rind.  How does Cheese get a Purple Rind? Cheeses that have a purple rind are often semi-hard or hard cheeses. This means that they have matured for a longer time, usually a minimum of 6 months. The majority of purple cheeses have been washed or soaked in wine, which creates a deep colour and well as enhancing the flavour. Everyone loves a cheese and wine pairing, but what if you could combine it into one with wine-soaked cheese? Wine soaked cheeses came about during the times when there were high tax penalties on cheese and wine products. To avoid paying a lot of tax on their products, cheesemakers would hide the cheese inside the wine barrels. Then…

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