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what is cheese

Cheese comes in a variety of different forms, textures and flavours. Having said that, it is incredibly popular, with cheeseboards and grazing platters often the feature at many dinner parties. Cheese is also great in many different dishes, making it a great allrounder. However, there are many different styles and types of cheese. In this article, we look at what is cheese, as well as the key characteristics that distinguish different cheeses.  What is Cheese? Cheese is a dairy product and therefore made from milk. Primarily, the types of kinds of milk used are cow, buffalo, goat and ewe. Dairy contains lactose, which is the milk sugars found in dairy products. If you are ‘lactose intolerant’ this means your small intestine cannot produce enough enzymes to digest the lactose. Similar to other allergies, this can range from mild to severe.  Cheese is made up of different fats and proteins found…

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