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what cheese goes with prawns

Seafood and cheese may seem like an odd combination, however, if paired correctly it can make for a very good match. In addition, there are a variety of great dishes that do match seafood and cheese well, for example, fish pie. Alternatively, prawns are added as a great twist to mac and cheese. In this article, we look at the best cheese that goes with prawns. What Cheese goes with Prawns? To choose the perfect prawn and cheese pairing, look at what cheese is used in key seafood dishes. For example, cheddar is used most commonly in fish pie and mac and cheese. Cheddar is also a very mild cheese, and will not overpower the salty sea flavour, but enhance it due to the buttery sweetness of the cheddar. Top 5 Cheeses to Pair with Prawns are: Cheddar Light cream cheese Mozzarella Parmigiano Reggiano Mild Blue cheese Tip: Use cheese…

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