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what cheese pairs with pears

Are you looking for a light, sweet accompaniment to your cheeseboard? Pears are a great option. Their sweet, fruity flavour and acidity can help to bring out the best of the flavours in several different cheese varieties and help bring a cheese board together. In this article, we look at what cheese pairs with pears. What Cheese Pairs with Pears? The number one cheese choice for pears is Camembert. This is a well-known French cheese, semi-soft and savoury in flavour. The earthy, mushroom and pungent flavour helps to balance out the sweetness and the acidity. Top 6 Cheeses to pair with Pears are: Camembert Fresh Goats Chevre Double cream cheese Gorgonzola Aged Cheddar Gouda Why is Camembert Such a Good Pairing? Camembert is the ultimate pairing with pears as they have contrasting flavours. Camembert has a savoury complexion, compared to the sweeter style of the pear. This Normandy cheese is…

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