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does orange cheese have dye in it

Ever wondered why some cheese (particularly cheddar) is sometimes, white, yellow or even orange? There are a variety of different factors that can affect this, including man-made products. In this article, we look at whether orange cheese has dye in it. Does Orange Chees have Dye in it? Orange cheese does have dye in it. Naturally, cheese is white/ buttery yellow, of course, depending on the milk used. Goats milk cheese tends to be very white, whereas cows milk cheese tends to be more yellow. Although naturally, cheese may have a tint in colour, if the cheese is excessively orange, this is due to human intervention. Why does Cheese Vary in Colour? The flavour and colour of cheese come from the quality of the milk produced by the animal, in turn, the milk is affected by what the animal eats. Also, grass naturally contains Beta-Carotene. Bright coloured fruits and vegetables,…

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