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what causes cheese to melt

Melting cheese is the key principle in many dishes such as pizza, lasagne and mac and cheese, and many more.In this article, we look at what causes cheese to melt, in addition to some examples of the best melting cheeses, as well as the worst melting cheeses, and why this is. What Causes Cheese to Melt? Cheese melts best when there is a good balance between fat and moisture content. When the cheese begins to heat, at around 32℃, the solid milk fats in the cheese liquefy and the cheese starts to soften. The fats then rise to the surface, giving it a greasy like texture.As the cheese continues to heat, the bonds between the proteins eventually collapse, better known as melting. This collapsing (or melting) occurs at different stages depending on the type of cheese. For soft and young cheese (for example mozzarella) it may be around 55℃. Semi-hard…

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