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what cheese can i eat when pregnant

All cheese is made in various ways, as well as certain bacterias and moulds present to help it taste a certain way and develop a particular texture. In this article, we look at what cheese can you eat when pregnant? What Cheese can I Eat when Pregnant? It is recommended for pregnant women to eat pasteurised cheese only. This is because some unpasteurised cheese MAY contain harmful bacteria and microorganisms such as E-coli, salmonella or Listeria. Examples of pasteurised cheese include cheddar, manchego, gouda and variations of parmesan. Also, some Swiss cheese may be pasteurised, such as Emmental or Gruyere.  What is Pasteurised Cheese? Pasteurised cheese occurs at the early stages of the cheese-making process. It involves heating the milk to 70℃, and then rapidly cooling it. This helps to remove the harmful bacteria in the milk before it is turned into cheese.  What is Listeria? Listeria is a form…

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what cheese pairs with pineapple

Think back to the days of cheese and pineapple sticks at kids parties. Popular, easy and most importantly, tasty. But pineapple and cheese combinations don’t stop there; think burgers, pizzas and BBQs – the possibilities are endless. Which cheese pairs well with pineapple to make these tasty snacks a little more elegant and appeal to the palate? What Cheese Goes Well with Pineapple? To match cheese perfectly with pineapple, consider complementing flavour profiles. Pineapple is sweet with a tart acidity. Therefore consider rich, buttery and sweet cheeses to match this, such as semi-hard style. Semi-hard cheeses are perfect to cut to the ideal size and shape you are after. Top 5 cheeses that pair well with pineapple are: Manchego Swiss Gruyere Aged Cheddars Parmigiano Reggiano Halloumi What is the Best Cheese with Pineapple? The perfect cheese that goes well with pineapple is Manchego. Manchego is a Spanish cheese made with…

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which cheese rinds can you eat?

There is a wide variety of different styles of cheese, each of them with a unique composition and flavour profile. In this article, we consider which cheese rinds you can eat, which ones will enhance the flavour, and which rinds probably should be avoided. What Cheese Rinds can you Eat? Most cheeses have edible rinds. For example, all soft cheeses, which typically have a bloomy rind, and similar in colour to the cheese. Typically, harder cheeses like cheddar also have edible rinds. The rinds on blue cheeses can also be eaten and can enhance the flavour. However, it is best to avoid wax and paper style rinds, for example on a cheese like Manchego. These are things that cover the cheese, as opposed to forming naturally during maturation. What is a Cheese Rind? The rind of the cheese is the outer ‘crust’ or shell of the cheese. Whilst the cheese…

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what cheese pairs with pears

Are you looking for a light, sweet accompaniment to your cheeseboard? Pears are a great option. Their sweet, fruity flavour and acidity can help to bring out the best of the flavours in several different cheese varieties and help bring a cheese board together. In this article, we look at what cheese pairs with pears. What Cheese Pairs with Pears? The number one cheese choice for pears is Camembert. This is a well-known French cheese, semi-soft and savoury in flavour. The earthy, mushroom and pungent flavour helps to balance out the sweetness and the acidity. Top 6 Cheeses to pair with Pears are: Camembert Fresh Goats Chevre Double cream cheese Gorgonzola Aged Cheddar Gouda Why is Camembert Such a Good Pairing? Camembert is the ultimate pairing with pears as they have contrasting flavours. Camembert has a savoury complexion, compared to the sweeter style of the pear. This Normandy cheese is…

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