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what is langres cheese

Discovering new and interesting cheeses expands our minds and allows us to try unique and different flavours. In this article, we take a look at the French cheese Langres. What is Langres Cheese? Langres is a semi-soft cow milk cheese. It is produced in the Champagne-Ardenne region in France, specifically in the town of Langres. Langres is a washed-rind cheese, with a bright orange rind. It is strong, salty and spicy in flavour. Matured for 5-8 weeks, each wheel is small and weighs 180g. Langres Flavour and Texture: Although Langres is a washed rind cheese, it is very mild in comparison to other cheeses in its family such as Epoisses and Munster. However, the flavours are comparable, it is still salty, spicy and pungent in flavour. The savoury and earthy flavours are typical for soft French cheese.Langres texture is dependent on how long it was matured for. It will have…

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