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substitutes for gruyere cheese

Gruyere cheese is Swiss or Alpine region cheese. It is named after the town Gruyeres in Switzerland. This cheese is produced with cows milk and is rich, nutty, fruity and slightly sweet in flavour. It is a great melting cheese and used in a variety of dishes such as fondue or lasagne. Gruyere is readily available and can be purchased at delis, markets and even in larger supermarkets. However, there may be times at which Gruyere is unavailable and you need to make a swap. Considering this, what are the best substitutes for Gruyere? Substitutes for Gruyere Cheese: Cheese that has good melting properties are popular substitutes for Gruyere. For example, Emmental. Also made in Switzerland, it is great for melting and a mild, sweet and buttery flavour. Consider cheese made with cows milk as it has a similar flavour profile. Top 5 cheeses that make good substitutes for Gruyere…

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