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what cheese pairs with pineapple

Think back to the days of cheese and pineapple sticks at kids parties. Popular, easy and most importantly, tasty. But pineapple and cheese combinations don’t stop there; think burgers, pizzas and BBQs – the possibilities are endless. Which cheese pairs well with pineapple to make these tasty snacks a little more elegant and appeal to the palate? What Cheese Goes Well with Pineapple? To match cheese perfectly with pineapple, consider complementing flavour profiles. Pineapple is sweet with a tart acidity. Therefore consider rich, buttery and sweet cheeses to match this, such as semi-hard style. Semi-hard cheeses are perfect to cut to the ideal size and shape you are after. Top 5 cheeses that pair well with pineapple are: Manchego Swiss Gruyere Aged Cheddars Parmigiano Reggiano Halloumi What is the Best Cheese with Pineapple? The perfect cheese that goes well with pineapple is Manchego. Manchego is a Spanish cheese made with…

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salmon and cheese

Whilst fish and cheese may seem like a strange combination, it is more common than you think, for example, take the classic fish pie. However, most recipes online just state ‘cheese’. But what are the specific examples of cheese that pairs with salmon? Which Cheese Pairs with Salmon? Whilst cream cheese may seem like a bit of a cop-out, it is a great cheese matching perfectly with smoked salmon. The light, fresh and creamy flavours cut through the slightly oily, salty fish. Top 5 Cheeses to Pair with Salmon are:  Cream cheese Parmesan Halloumi Bocconcini Mild blue cheese Does Hard Cheese make for a Good Pairing with Salmon? Parmigiano Reggiano (also known as Parmesan) cheese is also another famous classic, produced in Italy. This is a traditional hard cheese that is dense, rich, and packed with flavour. Parmesan has a grainy texture, however, true Parmigiano Reggiano has a fruity, sweet,…

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