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The cheese industry often refers to stinky cheeses as washed-rind. They are a great alternative to those that love a strong cheese but are bored of the overly ripe Camembert or sick of the salty flavours of blue cheese. But have you ever wondered why feet smell like cheese?  Why do Feet Smell like Cheese? The cheese is washed continuously in brine. A bacteria known as Brevibacterium linens (B-linens) thrives in this environment and forms on the cheese. Similarly, as your feet sweat during the day, b-linens bacteria develop on your feet. This is why washed rind cheese can smell like feet. How to make Washed-rind Cheese The washed rind cheeses are made the same way as white mould, as they contain the same bacteria and starter culture. Remove this bacteria by adding salt to the cheese. Washing the cheese more frequently in brine ensures that the B-linens thrive and…

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