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perfect cheeseboard or grazing platter

Cheeseboards and grazing platters are a great way to experience a variety of different cheese types and flavours. They are perfect for small gatherings or larger dinner parties. In this article, we look at how to put together the perfect cheeseboard or grazing platter. How to Create a Perfect Cheeseboard or Grazing Platter: When putting together your board or platter, it is important to choose cheeses that will provide a nice variety and appeal to all. Choosing a theme for your platter can help to give it some structure, and help give you some direction when choosing the cheese. Examples of themes may be Orange cheese or Blue cheese. This can ensure variety, such as a mild blue cheese, medium-strength or very strong. Alternatively, you may choose to have cheeses on your platter made with different kinds of milk, for example, cow, ewe or goat. Grazing Platters: Grazing platters are…

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