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how to make cheese

There is an elaborative process involved in making cheese. Nowadays, cheese is often made in large factories whereby it can be produced in bulk. However, there are still some small artisanal producers who will make the cheese by hand. What is the Difference Between (Un) Pasteurised? Cheese comes in two forms, pasteurised or unpasteurised. Unpasteurised cheese is made when the milk has not been heated, and therefore treated against the harmful bacterias that it may contain. Although there are some associated health risks with unpasteurised milk and cheese, it is often the traditional way to make a lot of cheeses, for example, Brie and Camembert. Due to the associated health risks, it is advised to pregnant women to not consume unpasteurised cheese.  The majority of cheese these days is pasteurised. If you are unsure, always check the packaging or ask your local cheesemonger.  How to Make Cheese: In most cases,…

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