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best cheese with avocado

At a first glance, avocado and cheese may seem like an unlikely pairing, however, when you start to think of grilled sandwiches, or the ultimate brunch feast, cheese sounds like an ideal addition, add some great flavours and bring together a variety of different textures. In this article, we look at what cheese pairs best with avocado. What Cheese Pairs with Avocado? Cheese and avocado are a great pairing. Depending on the type of dish you are creating, a hot avocado dish will likely require a cheese that is good for melting.  Alternatively, using avocado in a cold dish such as a salad will require a light, fresh and zesty cheese. The best cheese to put with your avocado will be mild in flavour, but also a little sweet or salty to cut through the creamy richness of the avocado.  Top 4 Cheeses to Pair with Avocado are: Aged cheddar…

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