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cheese with purple rind

Everyone loves to try something different, and cheese that is an unusual colour is no exception. In this article, we take a look at four popular kinds of cheese that have a purple rind.  How does Cheese get a Purple Rind? Cheeses that have a purple rind are often semi-hard or hard cheeses. This means that they have matured for a longer time, usually a minimum of 6 months. The majority of purple cheeses have been washed or soaked in wine, which creates a deep colour and well as enhancing the flavour. Everyone loves a cheese and wine pairing, but what if you could combine it into one with wine-soaked cheese? Wine soaked cheeses came about during the times when there were high tax penalties on cheese and wine products. To avoid paying a lot of tax on their products, cheesemakers would hide the cheese inside the wine barrels. Then…

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what is bellavitano cheese

We all like to discover something new, and new and interesting cheeses are no exception.Continue reading for a walkthrough on one of the worlds popular cheeses, and also find out just what is BellaVitano cheese. What is BellaVitano Cheese? BellaVitano cheese is a range of cheeses created by the Sartori family. This American company is based in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Also, the BellaVitano cheeses are inspired by UK and Italian farmstead cheeses, creating a beautiful cheddar and parmesan hybrid style. Flavours are buttery, creamy, as well as fruity and nutty. What Makes BellaVitano so Unique? Sartori is known for creating cheese that have different flavoured rinds. These interesting flavours create a very different flavour experience as well as allowing you to try something new, that you would not ordinarily try.BellaVitano Gold is the original BellaVitano cheese. This is the classic cheese wheel forming the basis for all their other flavours. BellaVitano…

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different types of cheddar

Cheddar cheese is the most well-known and popular cheeses across the world, primarily in the UK, America and Australia. There are a variety of cheddar types, each one boasting a different texture and flavour profile. In this article, we look at the different types of cheddar. What are the Different Types of Cheddar? The type of cheddar you are eating is dependent on how long the cheese has been matured. For example, mature a very mild cheddar for 1-3 months. In contrast, mature a vintage cheddar for anywhere between 12 and 24 months. The flavour profile will also vary vastly, for mild cheddars will be buttery and sweet, whereas vintage cheddar will be more sharp and salty. Where was Cheddar Invented? Traditional cheddar is always made from cows milk and in the UK. Invented during the 12th Century in the town of Cheddar in Somerset, it quickly became popular all…

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what is semi hard cheese

There are many different styles of cheese, each one with a different flavour and texture profile, as well as made in very different ways. Semi-hard cheese is perhaps one of those categories that gets forgotten or even misinterpreted. However it is the category that holds many of our favourite cheeses! In this article, we look at what is a semi-hard cheese, as well as some examples and their key features that make it distinguishable. What is Semi-Hard Cheese? Semi-hard cheese is the perfect balance in textures as well as flavours. It has a well-rounded texture, between moist and acidic, it also has a mild taste and aroma. Usually, it is made with cows milk can be sweet, buttery and salty in flavour. A common example of a semi-hard cheese is cheddar. How is Semi-Hard Cheese Typically Made? Compressed curds release excess whey (moisture) which causes the cheese to dry out.…

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substitutes for gruyere cheese

Gruyere cheese is Swiss or Alpine region cheese. It is named after the town Gruyeres in Switzerland. This cheese is produced with cows milk and is rich, nutty, fruity and slightly sweet in flavour. It is a great melting cheese and used in a variety of dishes such as fondue or lasagne. Gruyere is readily available and can be purchased at delis, markets and even in larger supermarkets. However, there may be times at which Gruyere is unavailable and you need to make a swap. Considering this, what are the best substitutes for Gruyere? Substitutes for Gruyere Cheese: Cheese that has good melting properties are popular substitutes for Gruyere. For example, Emmental. Also made in Switzerland, it is great for melting and a mild, sweet and buttery flavour. Consider cheese made with cows milk as it has a similar flavour profile. Top 5 cheeses that make good substitutes for Gruyere…

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what is clothbound cheddar

Cheddar is one of the most popular styles of cheese all around the world. However, there are a variety of different types of techniques developed to enhance the flavour and quality of the cheese, for example clothbound. In this article, we look at what is clothbound cheddar, when it was invented and why it is used. What is Clothbound Cheddar? Clothbound Cheddar is a technique for aged cheddars after the cheddaring process. Clothbound cheese is a traditional, authentic technique to ensure the loss of moisture to create a full-flavoured, sharp and earthy flavoured cheese. It results in a very dense and crumbly texture. The cloth adds a natural protection, ensuring the cheese can breathe and expel moisture. What is Cheddaring? Cheddaring is a long-established technique that gives cheddar cheese its unique texture and flavour. The majority of cheesemakers use the cheddaring technique. The cheese-making process involves cutting the curds and…

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