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what is mimolette cheese

Ever wondered what the bright orange, moon-shaped cheese is strategically placed in your local fromagerie cheese counter? It is more than likely to be Mimolette. In this article, we look at what is Mimolette cheese, as well as what makes it so unique and what to pair it with. What is Mimolette? Mimolette cheese is a cows milk cheese that is very hard in texture. It originally comes from Lille, Northern France.It has a contrasting texture, initially very hard and crumbly, but thick and creamy, a little like fudge. The flavour is rich, buttery, nutty, and the perfect contrast between sweet and salty. It is bright orange, due to the addition of annatto during the cheese-making process. What is Annatto? Annatto comes from the seed from an Achiote tree, which is native to South America. It has an intense colour which is the perfect addition to creating a bright orange…

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does orange cheese have dye in it

Ever wondered why some cheese (particularly cheddar) is sometimes, white, yellow or even orange? There are a variety of different factors that can affect this, including man-made products. In this article, we look at whether orange cheese has dye in it. Does Orange Chees have Dye in it? Orange cheese does have dye in it. Naturally, cheese is white/ buttery yellow, of course, depending on the milk used. Goats milk cheese tends to be very white, whereas cows milk cheese tends to be more yellow. Although naturally, cheese may have a tint in colour, if the cheese is excessively orange, this is due to human intervention. Why does Cheese Vary in Colour? The flavour and colour of cheese come from the quality of the milk produced by the animal, in turn, the milk is affected by what the animal eats. Also, grass naturally contains Beta-Carotene. Bright coloured fruits and vegetables,…

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what is hard cheese

There are many different styles of cheese , each one with a different flavour and texture profile, as well as made in very different ways. In this article, we look at the category of hard cheese; what is a hard cheese, including its characteristics and some examples. What is Hard Cheese? Hard cheese is aged for a longer period, between 6 and 36 months. It is known for its lack of moisture, and therefore to have a dry, crumbly texture. Hard cheese has a strong, sharp, intense flavour. A common example of hard cheese is Parmigiano Reggiano (also known as parmesan). Hard Cheese Texture: The texture of hard cheese is very dry and firm. It can also be gritty and granular. The texture of hard cheese means it is perfect for crumbling and grating into dishes such as pasta or soups. Best enjoyed in smaller quantities so that the rich…

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parmigiano reggiano

Parmesan is one of the most popular cheeses in the world and has many uses. Superb in dishes, a cheeseboard, or a quick snack on its own. In this article, we look at whether Parmigiano Reggiano is the same as Parmesan, as well as how it is produced and other similar substitutes. What is Parmigiano Reggiano? Parmigiano Reggiano is the traditional Italian name for Parmesan. It is a PDO (meaning Protected Destination of Origin) cheese. Invented during the Middle Ages and is a hard cheese made with cow’s milk, matured for 12-40 months. It is dry and crumbly in texture, however rich, salty and even sharp in flavour. It is a cheese ideal for grating. Parmigiano Reggiano is named ‘The King of Cheeses’. What is Parmigiano Reggiano? To be classified as Parmigiano Reggiano, it must be created in one of the 4 following regions in Italy. These include Bologna, Mantua,…

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