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cheese compost

Sometimes, and it happens to all of us cheese fanatics (including me!) Our cheese is neglected in the fridge and ends up looking like something way past the edible stage. This leaves us with the question- can cheese go in compost? Can Cheese go in Compost? In general, it is advised to not compost cheese. This is because cheese (and dairy in general) can emit a strong smell. This will attract unwanted pests such as rats. This is also the case for a natural or a wax rind. Cheese will inevitably slow down the composting process. This is due to the high levels of fat content found in the cheese. Fats and other oils will act as a watertight barrier, which in turn will restrict the airflow and therefore reduce the speed of decomposition. There are a couple of simple processes to ensure that cheese is added to your compost…

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how to stop cheese from sweating

Whilst many of us cheese lovers are getting to grips with the cheese etiquette and how best to pair our cheeses for those ultimate flavour combinations, it is important to also understand the best way to store our cheese. Storing cheese correctly means that it will last longer and we can preserve the flavour as well as the quality. But which is the best method to ensure this and to stop cheese from sweating? How to Stop Cheese from Sweating The best method to prevent your cheese from sweating is to store it correctly using cheese paper. This is a two-ply paper with wax inside and thin porous polyethene plastic on the outside. It allows the cheese to breathe and release excess moisture whilst still maintaining freshness and flavour. How Should I Wrap my Cheese at Home? Of course, all cheeses are different and require different storage methods and ways…

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cheese knife vs cheesewire

There is much discussion about which type of cheese knife to use and how to use them. In this article, we look at which is better to use, a cheese knife or a cheese wire cutter. Which is Best – Cheese Wire or Cheese Knife? Using a cheese knife is best for cutting cheese. It helps to provide a more accurate cut and is beneficial when preparing a variety of different cheeses. Using a cheese knife is cleaner and ensures a beautiful presentation of the cheese. The best cheese knives are made from stainless steel and range from 5” to 8” in length. Best preparation method: Cheese wire cutter Cheese knife Fresh Cheese ✓ Soft Cheese ✓ Semi-hard Cheese ✓ Hard Cheese ✓ Blue Cheese ✓ Why are Cheese Knives the Best? Using a cheese knife may be more favourable. You will be able to be much more precise when…

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