Can You Pair Cheese And Tuna Together?

Can You Pair Cheese And Tuna Together?

Seafood and cheese in general may seem like a strange combination. However, many of our articles have proved otherwise, suggesting that cheese can be a great pairing to fish types such as salmon and prawns. However, does cheese and tuna go together? In this article, we look at the best cheeses to pair with tuna.

Can you Pair Cheese and Tuna Together?

Cheese and tuna are commonly paired together in sandwiches and toasties. Therefore, this means a creamy cheese or a cheese with good melting properties is required. It is key to not choose a cheese that is too rich that would ultimately overpower the flavour of the tuna. The cheese should be used to add and enhance the flavour and add to the texture.

Top 4 Cheeses to Pair with Tuna are:

  • -Mozzarella
  • -Cheddar
  • -Comte or Gruyere
  • -Fresh cheese (cream cheese or cottage cheese)

Classic Cheese to Pair with Tuna:


Mozzarella is a classic melting cheese produced with either cow or buffalo milk in Italy. Known for its stringy texture and salty flavour, this is a classic to put in any toasted sandwich to add a unique texture. Once melted, mozzarella becomes very creamy and light, and will not overpower the fish flavour. 


Another classic cheese to use is cheddar. Cheddar is also well-known for its ability to melt. However, in contrast to mozzarella, cheddar is heavier in texture, a lot more buttery and slightly sweet in flavour. 

Traditional UK cheddars may also have a strong bite to them, however, this compliments the rich and heavy tuna well and helps to break up the flavours in the mouth. The mild sweet flavours in the cheddar also provide a contrast to the salty fish flavour, helping to bring all the flavours together. 

Swiss Cheese:

Similarly, consider using Swiss cheese such as Comte or Gruyere as your pairing with tuna. These Swiss cheeses have similar flavours to cheddar, they are buttery, sweet and creamy, however, they are also a little stronger in flavour. Therefore, these pairings are perfect for those who like bold flavours.

Comte and Gruyere are traditionally used in fondue, as a consequence, they’re perfect for melting and adding extra texture.

Lighter Cheese to Pair with Tuna:

If you prefer a lighter, creamier cheese pairing with your tuna, consider fresh cheeses such as cream cheese or cottage cheese. These light alternatives have a salty flavour to balance and compliment the salty tuna. 

Fresh cheese is the perfect pairing if you are making a tuna salad, as they are clean and refreshing. In contrast, they can be used as an alternative to sauces such as mayonnaise or aioli to create a light creamy tuna mix. 

cheese and tuna
Tuna can be paired with a variety of different cheese types.


As always, other pairings are good options to consider. The ones listed in this article are popular choices and will cater to all. If there is an alternative cheese you would like to use with your tuna, consider tasting them together first before serving. You will quickly know whether it is a good combination to use!